In 1866 Gold was discovered on the North Saskatchewan River at Fort Edmonton North West Teritories in Canada. (now Alberta)

The problem was that the Gold was very fine, flour gold,fly poo. Very hard to recover in the pan.

John Gibbons put together an inovative sluice.  It was so effective that He was getting an ounce a day, and that was by hand dipping.  No pumps in those days.

We have redesigned the Grizzly Sluice with to days materials but You can still use wood if You want to..

For $9.95 I will send you a downlaod of pictures and instructions on how to build Your Grizzly Miner Sluice.  You could hand dip it to wash the material.  A one and a half inch pump really works best.  You can build it cheaply.

Order your Download, only $9.95.  Thanks


The Old Timers used metal rods in their Grizzlys I used expanded metal to make my tent. Worked just great.  Put some pretty big rocks through with no problems and You don't get wet.  Don't use my Keene High banker any more and I have sold my Proline.  .

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